The Anderson Foundation for Parks and Recreation, the fundraising arm of the Anderson Park District, was first formed in 1991 to fund projects that the tax base and normal revenue generation could not accommodate.

Our Mission

To support the Anderson Park District in developing, maintaining and enriching our community parks and programs through private and public funding.

Our Vision

To provide a direct and positive impact on the community by perpetuating parks and recreation, and inspiring others to financially support and safeguard this valuable resource.

The Foundation has a long history of making meaningful contributions to the Anderson Parks for projects including:

  • Beech Acres Park: New Playground, Greater Anderson Promotes Peace Pole, and Skatepark.
  • Clear Creek Park: Pickleball Courts.
  • Juilfs Park: New Tennis Courts, Basketball Court Renovation, Playground Renovation, and Office Addition.
  • Kellogg Park: Dog Field Improvements and Restroom Building.
  • Laverty Park: Playground Renovation.
  • Veterans Park: Playground Renovation.

The Park District is continually seeking ideas and volunteers to help with current and future projects. If you have an idea or would like to volunteer your time, please contact the Park Office at (513) 474-0003. Click here to make a donation.

Juilfs Trail Fall